Our Services

At Webb's World of Fitness we pride ourselves on providing our members with excellent services. Members can also choose from a variety of additional services such as tanning, babysitting, spinning classes, diet programs and personal training.



We offer a level 3 tanning bed with 160 watt VHR bulbs with high pressure facial bulbs for the ultimate tanning experience. Rates are as follows:

10 tans for $35.00,
1 month unlimited tanning for $40.00

$6.00 single tan5 tans for $25.00, 10 tans for $40.00 or 1 month unlimited for $45.00



Webb's World of Fitness offers babysitting. Payment options are $1/hr per child, a Babysitting Club Card (11 hours for $10) or a Babysitting Gold Card (unlimited babysitting per month at $20 for all children).

Babysitting hours are:

Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. (noon)


Personal Training

Four FREE personal training sessions with the purchase of a one year-membership and after that if you desire the one-on-one training you can consult with one of our personal trainers.

Our team of personal trainers are available to help members optimize their workouts by helping them create personalized workout programs. Appointments with our trainers are in hourly increments. The fee and length of the sessions are dependent on the individual trainer.